NUNAAC Donation to PIO

It was less than a week when B.Hun called to share her initiative for Nagoya University Alumni Association in Cambodia (NUNAAC) to further donate books and stationary to 400 students who studies at People Improvement Organization when CSAN has already collected 1K USD to support the school. I volunteered to help with the arrangement. And I am really happy that it worked out well though I couldn't make it on that day. We've collected 302.5 USD from 14 Alumni within just 4 days. Special thanks to my two besties who made it for me and shared the following photos.

Certificate of Appreciation from PIO to CSAN
PIO representative and CSAN/CSAJ President (Ms. Seng Hun)

Certificate of Appreciation from PIO to NUNAAC
PIO representative and NUNAAC Representative (Mr. Y Samphy)


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