I fansy Laksa. But I don't eat it that often for the fact that none of the restaurant I so far have found in PP couldn't offer a good one. Anyway, today my colleague brought me to lunch with her friend at KLCC and I had Laksa (Penang Laksa).

I don't fansy fish and spicy taste but this one is good. 

The behind dish is called Rojak. 
That very morning, I was discussing with my colleague and we came to talk about the meaning of Rojak and that lunch we had it. Simply, it means everything is put into one dish regardless of its consistency. Like in the dish in this picture, there were pineapple, cucumber, squid, mango and few more that I didn't get to eat.


  1. Cucumber in laksa? Very Malaysian ? Hahaha you better eat laksa at every meal while toy are there. Hahaha


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