Morning Coffee

My eldest brother is so good with Poem. The best part is, his poem always is very funny and comes at the very spot/coversation we're in. This is one of the thing he did to make our day ^_^ Chees!

កាហ្វេសែនចត់ បងមិនហ៊ានក្បត់ មិនហ៊ានដាក់ស្ករ។
កាហ្វេសែនល្វីង លេបទាំងត្រដរ ផុតបំពង់ករ ផឹកអស់ពីកែវ។


PhaPha said…
Totally cracking me up!
Phossdey said…
He really should start up a website collecting his poem. It's precious!