Learning Curve at this very age -_-

23 August marked an achievement. I'm not trying to take the credit all to myself. I'm just happy being part of it. The appraisal from each stakeholder is a remark for a tougher fight. The challenge comes after another. 3 months ago, I was told that things would slow down and life may become easier; however, it has not. This might, yet again, be the same story line. After a winning bell rang, another bell for a new fight pronounce.

Working during break, working during weekend, working during holiday is not an obligation but, on urgency basis, is expected. On what scenario would I found a regular basis inquiry? Let's consider this learning curve a huge one to dwell on until further notice otherwise.


  1. and that urgency basis comes too often..
    and yes, I agree with Phossdey. We are so proud of you! Reminds me of my old time, it was not easy to fight and have a strength to go on under that circumstance.


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