Exceeding Limits

I don't know what to feel. My eyes are welled with tears. But how can I not regret to have said what I said last night? 

My trust gain from experience. How would I be able to keep the hope alive when all I've received is the same treatment of ignorance, accusation and endless demand. I've exceeded my best. I surrender. I am no longer the piece you want to be a part of you. 

My picture has vanished from your future. You dare not telling me so. But did you know that action shows? I long for an evening with you. You plan an evening out with your colleague. I long for a holiday with you. You planned a holiday with your staff. I long for a weekend with you. You plan your weekend for your friends. None of it was what I anticipated. I know you told me it was all for a successful life. But just three evenings a week with me, you can't commit. I do wish you all the very best.

I'm sorry I can no longer be that person who tag along without acknowledgment of her presence. I'm sorry I can no longer wait with no appreciation. I'm sorry I can no longer toss everything else aside to gain trust. I'm sorry I can no longer give up myself for your comfort. I'm sorry I can no longer put you on top of the world for your friends to appreciate. I'm sorry I can no longer be supportive for the sake of fulfilling my role. I'm sorry I can no longer put up with you being tired up of me. I'm sorry I can no longer be sorry.

I suddenly fee stupid for my idiotic mind who wishes I am not the person I am. Maybe life could be simpler?