Last Minute

It's a matter of habit when for the fifth time, we're still catching up in finishing things at the very last minute. It has gotten better given the circumstance is no longer new. We knew it will work out in the end. Yet when the end has not yet arrived, the nerve still gets the best out of us. 

Only when we look back that a smile was put on our face. It only gets wider as the flash of memory brought back the detail of our moments. That's when we can make fun out of it which back then we were the scared rats.

I'd like to think we were too worried. But if we hadn't been that worried, we'd never get the best result with a pleasant achievement to be proud of later. Right now, I hope things will work out well tomorrow. Let's hope it does so I could sleep well again.

Oh well, anyway, here's my little doodle of their day ^_^


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