L'occitane Cambodia (YES!)

I've been a big fan of L'occitane since 2008. So their arrival to Cambodia means a great deal to me. Its one and only boutique located at our current latest and biggest mall, AEON. Now I can stop worrying when am I or my friend or my family or my family's friend or friend's friend will be traveling oversea. I can wake up at any day, visit its boutique and make a purchase of any product I like. Yes, I'm going all gagaga over L'occitane!

I have to admit, my experience at the boutique was a pleasant visit. Staff are knowledgeable of their product, their proper gesture and careful choice of word and not to mention the variety of products! Alright, I'm stopping here. Else, I could go on and on and on...

This is my switch from Immorttelle Precious to Immorttelle Devine. Yeah Yeah Yeah... I'm only getting older and so is my skin :(

Did I mention I earned two membership cards? Oh yeah, I'm so proud haha...


  1. "So their arrival to Cambodia means a great deal to me" no, you mean "to my purse" lol


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