Pheak's Wedding

Pheak and I have been friends about 8 years now. We went to the same university but weren't in the same class. We got to be friends through study club when I and my classmate established for the purpose of getting scholarship and he was one of the later member. We sound studious but believe me, we played most of the time.

I'm glad he found his Mrs always right haha... I was aware of his wedding months ago. So my trip to Geneva was planned in correct order for me to attend his wedding reception. As soon as the plane landed, I rushed home and prepared myself for the wedding.

Here are few of the shots from the wedding:
It was a purple color theme wedding. You may make a perfectly correct guess that I love every bit of it. There was a touch of Seoul Tower as a memory of where the groom and bride met which I failed to capture -___-!

It took me half an hour just to get this shot. How pricey are the couple! LOL

The wedding consist of people from every corner that I know. I was surprised! It was a pleasant one ^__*


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