Weekend with Mr W

My weekend went very well. For a change, I went to his office to spend the morning together. It's very unusual but I have to admit, I find it a pleasant one. On occasional basis, today is one of it, I had Pork Chopped Rice, a rather big and unneccesary for my not-so-hungry-tummy, for breakfast while W enjoyed his beef stew with noodle.
My Pork Chopped Rice which I finished all the pork and left half the rice and all the vegetable on the plate and took only a sip of the hot milk coffee which I found really hard to take in (no offense, my taste just happen to be singular haha...)
So I grabbed a Cappucino from a downstair coffee shop before we went up to his office. Saturday is a downdress day. Everyone was in their casual outfit. They greeted him and myself as we entered. He commenced his work while I blogged. Before I knew it, it's lunch time. So everyone said goodbye and we were the second last to leave the office.

It's a beautiful view which I don't think everyone spend enough time to appreciate it while trying to catch up with their workloads and all. Since I'm not there for business, I was able to take my time gazing at it as my office is on the ground.
We didn't have lunch given the late and big breakfast we had just about three hours before; hence, we ended up getting cozy and watched Hobbit at home till very late afternoon. As soon as it ended, we went for meatball thinking that we will arrive my sister's house by 5.

I promised to help my Bee with her packing given my experienced going skiing years ago. She's leaving on Sunday and it's a must that it has to be done a day before. She was still at her Basketball game when we arrived. I finished my two Mochi-Choco Vanilla then played pool as we wait. My challenged to this game was an anticipated mistake. I lost.

When all is packed and ready, we munched our late dinner. Upon returned to our own home, we spent the rest of the night relaxing with hot tea, snack and books.

The next morning soon began with a soft kiss planted on my cheek. It's a beautiful Sunday. He brought me to Emperor China for xiaolongbao and the like. I didn't get my coffee regardless of how many time I walked passed Brown at TK Avenue. Instead I got myself two blue Hydrangea macrophylla.
It cost me $6 and I'm pretty pleased with it. I think I look a little too rigid to say pleased. Anyhow, I am.
We strolled around the area and went into IFL and RUPP as a memory refreshing lane. It's well maintained and look more beautiful now. We were charged KHR500 just to enter. No doubt the school looks way better than in our generation.

W has gift from his trip to Beijing/Shanghai for his brother in law and his parents; therefore, we stopped by their house for a quick chit chat then left to pick up my twin's curtain. It was ready and correctly tailored as we ordered. We took them in and paid the due amount.
There were time to spare; we decided to pay a quick visit to B.Phoung's new home. But before that,...

We picked up two Black Milk Tea with Small Pearl. Yum for such a hot and sunny day.
W has to attend to his boss from 5; therefore, I had all the time to waste on what to do with my two blue Hydrangea macrophylla.
Too may options that I had to ask for second opinion which is really helpful. Thank you Touch Touch!
After all the fuss, I've landed on this pot. My twin loves it too ^_^
I had my dinner, talked to my uncle as he's coming in to visit Grandma and then I'm on TV, whatsapp and my Mac. W is home and I need to finish now.
Goodnight World!


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