Another Solo Twin Birthday in 2015

I'm not gonna complaint but you know what I mean Touch Touch :P

So, here goes my 29th Birthday celebration which sure has marked, yet, another great year:-

First birthday celebration with my girls and sissy (From left to right: Nak bang, ME~*, Somaly, B.Theary and Ninja)
A surprised birthday celebration from my HLBCAM colleague (From left to right upper row: Noty, Kimsry, Romney, Ratana, Voleak, B.Pheap, Sengchhuon, ME~*, Linda, Vutha, Sue and Visal; From left to right below row: Makara and Reasey)
The usual donation in tribute to the twin birthday at Beoung Thom
Family gathering a night before the actual birthday at Metro Mara (From left to right: Ming, Bee, Nak bang, Srey Khouch, B.Lis, Nak bang nay, B.Phoung, B.Tourt, Nak, ME~*, B.Mey and B.Tona)
Last but not least, at Tatai with my Nak
I had a great birthday. I hope you have a good one too, baby girl. Happy Birthday to you, my twin who's a mum of two smart and beautiful boys!


  1. No, I could not beat you. But that's okay, as long as I know you had fabulous birthday! It already made our day extra special. And I know I know I really miss celebrating it with you :( I love you.

  2. Beautiful pictures and happy moments. :)

    And when can we see beautiful and smart boys/girls from you, PhorsPhors? :)

    Watch out! I might catch you up! LOL

  3. I love you too touch touch!!!

    PhaPha, I don't mind you overpass me ;) Am I anticipating good news??? :D


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