Pich's Proposal Date

The first time I met Pich, she was no more than 4 years old. Today, she is being proposed (traditionally). She sure has grown into a beautiful young lady who is ready to embark on a new life journey. Congrats Pich!

 ME~* and Pich. I sure have a big bump -__-!
 Even ab Oun has grown! He was this tiny baby when the family started the friendship!  
 With B.Pheak, senior from Nagoya University. I didn't spot her when we visited Pich in her make up room. I totally thought she was one of Pich's young girlfriend lolz... She sure hasn't aged at all!
 Nak Ming Chantrea, a happy mother on her daughter's special day. 
 While waiting for our ride, my skinny and beautiful Nak bang :)