The Big 3-0

Turning 30 is a big deal or I simply making it a big deal to get something out of it haha... No such a malice thinking. Anyway, this birthday marked another remarkable memory of mine. 

Before the clock tick twelve, my twin has already delivered me a birthday gift, one that sure explains my drinking appetite and my (our) precised age haha... Love it!
Gift from my Twin who's a big fan of Me to You
A day before the actual birthday, B.Thou gifted myself and B.Chan (whose birthday is a day after mine) each a beautiful bouquet, Henry bought me apple and carrot juice and Moch had rock watermelon (or honeydew) as a celebration for us.
ME~*, B.Thou and B.Chan
Top row: B.Muny, Chee Weng, Henry, B.Vithou. Bottom row: Eng Ann, ME~*, B.Chan, Keatky and Moch.

In the morning of my actual birthday, I was delivered another two beautiful bouquets which are from:
Sue, my former assistant
It takes a lot of effort to find out whose this bouquet was sent from. Such a pleasant surprise. It's from my former boss, B.Phoan.
With the anticipation of Pheanouk's arrival, a wild birthday celebration was cancelled. Yet I had a blast from the quickly arranged dinner at Stone Grill with the family and love ones.

With my beautiful mummy
My two brother and sister in law, B.Kolreak and B.Lis
B.Thirak and B.Tourt

My big brother, B.Ne

Lok Bang and Nak Bang
Nak Bang Nay and B.Phoung
Mr. W, you know who ;)
Bee and Thanika
Group Photo!!!
I also received another two bouquets in the evening on that same day. I feel blessed!
From Mr. W who couldn't resist buying me a bouquet though he already bought me gift (which I'm going to reveal later). Shyly, he gifted me at home and not at the dinner venue lolz...
From B.Tourt and his fiance, B.Thirak
And here's my beautiful cake from my thoughtful sister, Nak Bang ^___^


  1. Happy birthday bong! You're a very beautiful mama I have to say. 30 i just a number, no big deal ok? You're just getting cooler and better. hehe

  2. Happy birthday to us, mak mom! Love you xxxx


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