I wasn’t having it

I went to Mango. As I checked out, I handed my Aeon Visa card for payment after hearing her inform other customers of the 5% discount. The cashier then exclaim ‘why didn’t you tell me in advance that you will pay via Aeon Visa Card!’. I didn’t response, thinking in my head that she should have asked me if that information is required before she checked them out to make her work easier. She unwrapped the items with unhappy face and rechecking them out.

The card didn’t work after two tries. She said it doesn’t work and suggest paying cash. Then I asked if I’ll get my 5% discount? She said no. Then I think in my head why would she suggest me such solution without giving informing information. I was getting annoyed.

I called the Aeon Customer Service to check what’s wrong with my card to which I was asked to go to the second floor to have my card tested. I asked the operator again has she done any check and found no issue in the card that I have to physically go to the office for the test? She said yes. 

I initially wanted to pay and go for to the branch to have my card checked but did differently. I left the items at the cashier and told to be back after I had my card checked thinking that the branch would have better facilities to fix than via a call with the customer service.

I went up and was gesture to get a ticket number before I could talk to her even though the whole branch was empty. After going through the same process the operator asked me for information, I was asked to go down to test my card at an ATM machine. I was absolutely pissed! I asked her if she has a better solution. I just came from downstairs after being told by the operator to have the card tested here. She asked her colleague to accompany to the ATM. I said that means I still have to go there. I think in my head that I am not handicap and needed an assistant to just try my card at an ATM. Then I told her, I able to test it on my own but I need a better solution. She turned out to tell me that after getting the card tested and if it didn’t work, I have to come back up and inform her so. Then I asked what’s the solution afterwards? She said I will have to sign a form to get a new card and pay 5$. 

I’m more than pissed! First, the ATM is at the ground floor to where I was at. Why the hell the operator has to asked me to get to the branch just to get told twice the card needs to be tested! But wasn’t told how it will be tested. Second, I have to do the test myself which if it doesn’t work, I have to pay 5$ for a new card when it wasn’t even my freaking fault the card didn’t work! The last bit is I won’t get the card after two weeks.

I sum up the journey for the card and told her to tell her boss that I will test the card and if it doesn’t work, I will cancel this credit line because the process sucks! The staff was polite though they all are too young at their job to handle a pissed customer like me properly.

As I came down to get the item from Mango, the cashier was sewing the button and had me confused if she hadn’t heard or seen me coming. So I had to called her twice. 

By the time I left Aeon, it was already 5.10. I spent 30 minutes just to get the items I needed and 1h40mns to be get in and out of Aeon and to get nothing done for the card. The road was empty since it’s still a day off for most private companies.

Reflecting back, I was an ass to those staff and myself. I mean I could just let it slide. Errors happen all the time. Sight. 


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