Turning 32

I took annual leave to honor my own birthday and I spent it well with my little family plus Mum and Bee.

I took my time and enjoyed my sleeping in with my two boys. When I say ‘sleep in’ I mean I wake up at 7am instead of 5.30am. My routine sure has changed since 2016. I would have stayed till lunch to define a ‘sleep in’. Then Pheanouk arrived and changed everything. Haha. 

I showered and bathed the boys and was ready to go for my own until Mum knocked on the door and surprised me with a beautiful, purple and big bouquet. It was from my dearest twin Touch!!! Yes, she did make my day extraordinary!!! From that, I knew I have the right ingredient for a good photos I planned for the day.

Nak took the day off and insisted on buying me gift which we went to Naga Walk to find the gift and turned out the shop that I was looking for has been removed. So we didn’t get anything else and rushed back for Pheanouk’s late lunch. Later that afternoon, while the boys are on their nap time, I sneaked out to get baloon and few item for decoration. Aside from that I purely enjoyed my time spoiling Pheanouk with YouTube and particularly attending to Acphirouh’s feeding needs. I am still breastfeeding him and sure am enjoying every bit of it. I have planned to stop at 9 months because I did the same with Pheanouk. It was due to my long time traveling schedule though. I still give myself options to continue should I think otherwise. It’s just pure joy being part of a human being growth especially my own little one.

Early that evening, Nak went out telling he had an appointment and only to come back with another beautiful purple bunch of flowers. How lucky am I.

Then I have Leak bought us beef from Blue BBQ and have Mary inflated the baloon. After which Bee arrived and we simply spent the evening eating and ended with a cake to mark my beginning of 32 years old!!!

As planned, here are my good photos!