ME~* is a Mum of 2

I hadn't had the chance to vision my life with two kids; hence, I'm on a wild ride with the boys. It's been busy and continuously going to remain for a while. I'm trying the best I could to have that ME~* moment to get my head straight or around the fact that I need to better manage my time. 

Pheanouk already started school. It helps to feel less guilty that he is not idle without the care I strive to provide. He came back with cut and bruise. The first month was always in tears and fight to let go. Following months, sad face and silently brought into school. Eventually, after the first term, Pheanouk has learnt to accept that school is his things. He will be there either he likes it or not. Smart Pheanouk has adopted and gracefully waved goodbye and walked into school without a fuss for the start of his second term. That doesn't stop the bruise and cut. 

Acphirouh is turning 9 months in a week. Where did the time go? He has started to be more vocal and physically active. He knows ME~* and he loves ME~* if clingy translated into love. He sure has his eyes on ME~* and call for one at any moment he notice I am there. How joyful I feel to be loved. We can no longer leave him alone as he would crawl his way to find people around him. Just like Pheanouk, he knows his brother's presence and would hold onto his prerogative to be the priority.

I love every bit of it. I could never have thought this would be possible, busy and happy. I love every single minutes I am with them. Then I enjoy the single minute without them. Oh how I wonder how mum does it all.