Countdown to 2020

Unlike previous years, we opted for a countdown out of town. The boys went to the Sambo Rithea Farmhouse with their grandparents early morning 31 December 2019 while I and Nak were still at work. 

I went off early to pick up my belongings to spend the night and went to dine at the Farmhouse. 

As soon as I arrived, I made everyone prepare the backdrop just to spice up the countdown since we failed to get firework in time (or more like we didn't try hard enough). I have also get additional tents to make sure everyone can experience the night out of town really out of town. 

We had out late dinner around 8pm and continued for the countdown. I was dead tired by 2am and crashed in the tent. We didn't need air con nor fan for the night. How pleasant was the weather!

Now now, photos!!!

Oun Mek, B.Phoung, ME~*, Acphirouh, Mum, Lok Pou, Nak B. Nay, Doha and W

Lok Krou Kong Kea and Nak Ming