8 Minutes by C. Vincent Anderson

8 Minutes
Thursday, June 4, 2020
C. Vincent Anderson 

8 minutes, look at that man on bended knee
You think that’s his posture of prayer?
Nah, that simply cannot be!
Maybe it’s an FU to the Creator?
But nah, that still cannot be!
Maybe, yes just maybe it’s an FU for Kap and all of you non-patriots to see

8 minutes, that’s all I get? 
I sure do wish for more
But long life, joy and prosperity was never a safe bet
Not when we washed up on this godforsaken shore 

Nah, we were never meant to have a dream
Nah, not here , we are simply passing through 
Is our lot a meaningless life filled with cries unheard no matter how loud we scream?
Maybe, we were not meant to be here, it’s true!

8 minutes, he would say, be thankful!
At least you lasted this long
How many of you in years past rotted away in that dank, disease infested hull?
You got more than they so shut up and sing, you got over, sing that song!

8 minutes, that’s a lifetime, he would say
Look at what you have left behind!
You should be ashamed of parting this way
“I can’t breathe”, the uproar and people going out of their mind? 

8 minutes, is that not enough? 
Or, is that Enough is now Enough!