Mum Guilt

As the world is moving and with all is going on, we are adapted to this new way of working where we have to perform our role from wherever we may and possible to do. 

I work from home this week. Home office is transparent and both Pheanouk and Acphirouh able to see me from the other end. 

Pheanouk has been coming in and out just to say hello, hugs and then again exploring everything in the office. I’ve been in meetings and calls all morning and one of the last interruption Pheanouk brought me this flower. I was mad and I was annoyed by multiple interruption but I felt guilt when all he was trying to do was to spend time with me. 

As I went to gently tell him to no longer interruption me while I work, he said with his pure looking eyes and gesture was “Pheanouk wants to only give DaiDai (Mum) this flower and hug”.

So much guilt here and I will have to live with it just like every other mum.