Lost in thoughts or Unbothered

Google search. Tap. Tap. Click. Tap. Tap. Tap. Click. Click. Click continues. Tap continues. Click, Tap continues. 

Exhausted by the information found. I closed my eyes. Tilted my head to the very back my neck possibly allowed.

My thought drifted to when having the icy cold air-con air hit my skin through icy cold face mask. “What a pleasant feeling” so I thought.

“Would a hot shower be better?”, “Or a hot fragrance bath is more soothing?”, “Maybe an interrupted nap is more fulfilling?”, my thought continue its wonder its journey. 

Unbothered. I opened my eyes to… (not to be continued). 

I am curious to understand what could he be thinking? Was he lost in his own thought like I just did? Or was he totally unbothered like I am.