Pheanouk’s Updates: 6 Years Old

Pheanouk is 6 and doing his class in LFRD (CP1) as well as Bak Touk Primary School (Grade1). His schedule starts from 6am where he will be doing his math homework and his khmer language dictation for an hour and finish with 15 minutes screen time of his choice. He’ll be in shower and finish his porridge by 7.45am where he will be off to LFRD. The benefits of living nearby schools never gets old. 

Some days he will be in his Khmer class from 3pm while the other from 1pm and some other days missed the entire session. Nevertheless, Pheanouk continues to be able to read and calculate well for his age. Actually, he is doing second grade math (as Nak always pushes his bou feet) where he able to sail through LFRD with ease. 

As soon as he arrives home between 5pm to 5.30pm (depends on the traffic), he has his second shower and go for his dinner at 6pm.

He may be able to have his snack along the way from school or he may be able to have some screen time (without permission) before brushing his teeth on his own following his dinner (totally depends on how quick he finish his dinner). He is independently navigating through this phase with freedom. 

Right before bed, he will have his second Khmer language dictation from 7pm while Acphirouh will be having his Khmer scripting practice as a non-grader student nearby. 

Often by 7.30pm he will be with bed-time reading in Khmer by himself, follow by my reading of English story book and finishing with French language book (where I google and struggle to pronounce and understand the meaning).

Often enough, it takes close to an hour to finish the whole three books where I’ll kiss him goodnight and off the light. Pheanouk is not always an easy sleeper where at times I need to attend to him to sleep to offer him the warmth he needs. Some other nights, he will simply doze off without a touch as long as the room is dark and quiet.

By 9pm, Pheanouk would already be in his dreamland.