Deadly Week

My tough week is gonna start from monday on... well, just have a look at my shedule lolz...

Monday: TM Assignment due (IFL)
TM Revision Test 2 (IFL)

Tuesday: English Final Exam (RULE)

Wednesday: FJL Assignment due (ELBBL)

Thursday: AL Revision Test 2 (IFL)

Friday: AL Reflection Papaer due (IFL)
BOL Final Exam (ELBBL)


  1. so, u far busier dan me, 3 faculties @ same time, huh? unbelievable...u must be a brilliant person. seems like u also speak many lang 2, arent u?
    oh, how was weekend samphors? did u have fun?

  2. Oh all the best to u dear! Lucky me, all the Revision Test2 were finished last m abit relax now...only one more assignment to go lolz.

  3. wow, you look very hectic nas! any reasons behind 3 faculties at the same time! anyway whishing you all the best na, little girl.


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