Take it!

You naughty sis, dare you did that to me huh?... should beat you like this lolz... :P


Anonymous said…
a u both twin? n where did u take dis pic? u both looks great.
Anonymous said…
As I remember that picture is at Kbal Chhay. So cool...(poor man)
u got an excelent memo, anonymous. It's at kirirum :D

Thanks, anyway :)

P.s: we are tw!n
cs said…
you two look nice; but i want to know what you are doing though. Good girl usually updates the web, i appreciate that.
Anonymous said…
thks 4 ur answer two cute little twin sisters. so dont u update u page 2day? i really 1 2 read n wanna no 2.
Sopha said…
Cool gals! Hmmm...i wish i had a sis who could play wit me like dat too.