One day in Singapore

The flight took off around 8.40pm (PNP time) and landed around 11.25pm (SIN time). This is my first time travelling alone. I was sort of nervous and kinda could not wait when it almost time to leave PP; however, I felt happy when I was on the plane.

Welcome to Singapore!
My super-old-friend, Chhorng, was there when I arrived. He brought me to meet other friends, who will be joining us for this special day. There were: Sokly, Dararith, Sothun, Samuth, and Panha. We met at MRT and walked together to Chhorng's house. It was a long walk that I feel sort of tired when we all there. Still, was so enjoyable cos I had a good talk with Sokly and quite fun from the four guys. It was sort of funny when there is no lighter at the time to lit the candle. One thought another buy, and vice versa. Then we ended up using home lighter from Lintong.

Special Moment!
I brought the cake in, Dararith was in front to block the wind not to blow the candle off and so was Samuth, who was at my right hand side, Chhorng was at the left side, and the rest was at the back. When time was about to come, Lintong turned off the light and here I went with the cake. He was sitting infront of his PC and online (i guess). When he saw me there, he walked to me and smile with his usual lovely look and say "..." (nothing lolz...). He made a wish and blow the candle off.

Cut the Cake!
Ah... everyone was happy and espcially him, that's how I felt (though he said, as expected) The cake was really nice though it's not my favorite taste, chocolate. We had a few talk together and took just one all-together picture.

I felt really sleepy and felt asleep so soon on the sofar. I didn't really have a good sleep cos I work up a few time throughout the night. But it was so lovely cos everytime I opened my eyes, there he was sitting next to me and ready to give me his sweet smile. Feeling so loved, nice and more.

Good Morning Everyone!
It's morning and all the guys were still playing card. Do appreciate that lolz... Everyone was ready to be out when I done shower. It rained and wet everywhere. So we all need to take Taxi though I wish I could take the MRT :(

Well, since it was raining so we, I and my bf, decided to go shopping at Vivo City (singaporean pronounce it Bebo City instead lolz...) It was sort of early that not many store were open. So we were just hanging around without breakfast cos we were not hungry hehehe... and well, it's nothing much to do cos it rained all day so the day was at Vivo City only. Though it's not so interesting since all the thing we did was shopping, I still conder it nice cos there was him being with me. Love it lolz...

Time to leave!
I really don't wanna come back. One day gone so fast that the last thing we did together was having dinner at the Airport. Hum.. Finally, there's me being lonely on the way back.

Back to Phnom Penh!
Thanks to Yan and Da again to have came and picked me up.
Thanks to everyone who have make my and his day special. You all make it possible!


  1. Thank you very much for the special day. It was really nice day that i would remember forever i am...

  2. Thank you very much for the special day. It was really nice day that i would remember forever i am...


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