Questions For Exams

Please click on each picture to get a big size of each paper and save it. Do not save it directly from what you see on this main page. By doing so, you'll find it easy to read when printing it out.

(Sambo's Daughter)


  1. Is this an exam leak? It seems the exam date is still 2 weeks away.

  2. Hey samphors sambo
    Are you asking for help?
    I saw your exam paper, it kind of hard. is it? I do not think I can help you this that...
    But good luck with your exam

  3. hahaha... nah... if it is, wouldn't have posted it here lolz... it's given by the teacher ta and it's class monitor's obligation to give it all to all student but since there are more than 200 students that i don't think it's easy to hand it all to them, so tell them to pick up here lolz... that's all...

  4. Very smart idea. So ur dad is the class monitor, huh? What a good daughter.

  5. Thanks lolz... well, yeah, he is :) and thanks again hehehehe...


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