Gift Received

It was a few days ago when he told me he's sending me sth which he got from his trip to Laos and Thailand. I was so anxious and asked him to tell me what that sth is. He just never tell beside letting me wait. I can't really wait but I just have to since no choice :(

At around 2.40pm I got a call from post office telling there is a package for me from SG. I just couldn't wait no more and asked my boss for 30mns off to get the special gift from him. While the lady there were finding the package, my eyes were on her all the time. There it comes, my gift from him. Happily leaving the post office, i hold the gift tight in my hand. Place it in another seat and I gave it another smile but dare not to open yet. I wanna surprise myself alone in my room. And at the same time, I also wanna open it with him.

Back to the office, I still looking at the unopened gift. I sms him to let him know, his gift is with me now. He told me to open. I decided to open for I could no longer wait, and I actually was with him via sms.

Now look! I got a t-shirt, a black and white color which fits me so well (good guess, honey!), a CD, teaching myself how to play piano (awww... how nice! you still remember I used to learn Piano), and a lovely card which there are sentense of love at every corner of the letter, as well as in the middle. I love it the most hehehe... I just could felt his love in my heart.
I already took some picture of it. But will show you later ;)