A little stupid mail to my friend

Hey guyz!

You know our Civil Code Final Exam falls on May 9. Guess what that day also is? Ronan Keating Live Concert!!!! I already bought the ticket which cost me 25 bucks. Guess it’s not much to you but it is to me. Going to see his concert has always been a dream. Now that it almost is real, exam seems to stop it from coming true. However, with our beloved teacher kindness, she said she’ll give the rights to vote on Friday. Now, you see??? My dream is in your hand. So please, please, vote to delay the exam date to May 16. With this delay, you guys may have time to study more before exam as well. There will be a holiday for you to enjoy and refresh your thought before coming to take the exam. With your bright and fresh mind, you would do the exam easily. Later wait for a good result. Hehehe… How’s that sound? Please make a satisfied decision!

Best regards,


  1. wow, u gonna c RK f2f? awesome! wat can i help 2 postpone exame date cos m also 1 of RULE...

  2. funny sis! So what is it now? Is the exam still on that day?


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