Have you ever?

Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself being stupid and couldn't say what you actually want, instead you keep going round and round, then finally ended up at a wrong place, making another mistake?

It happen to me. Not only has it been but it's a kinda of a habit to make mistake over the stuff I know it would be a mistake. For an instance, I'm not gonna raise any example for you to judge me lolz...


  1. @ Sampors: Life is like that. Sometimes, it's easy to get to the point but people chooses to go around and around which sometimes can lead to the wrong point. This happens when people is not focused or full of stress.

    @ Phy: I fully support your comment. Learning a lesson is worthy.

  2. Advice sixteen? Anyway, that's life, sis. Either you think it's a mistaken or either you think it's your destiny.

  3. Yeah, I have. I and everyone nearby know I'm stupid; still I keep it going on and on... That's life!


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