My Niece

Way back at home, I was always there for my niece whenever she gotta perform in her school. When I say whenever, I mean every occasion. But this time is different for all I can do is to watch her via picture. Now, I'm here smiling to my stupid mac alone. Anyway, these are pictures of her performing some dance for X'mas. Movie will be provided later for it's now downloading. Can't wait to show how smart, lovely, and cute my niece is. Just like her Aunty jeng hahahhahaha...

Time to rock the stage!

Move kinda too fast and her mummy not so good with shooting, now can't see her face lolz...

Raising her hand and ...

Where is she?

Awww... she's grown so fast!

Phew!!! Lucky that the picture is blur, or else you'll see how scary her teeth is hahaha...

What kinda style is this?

This is the usual V. But she looks so gentle here.

As always, she never keep still. That's why there are plenty of picture with her face turn away, just like this one lolz...


  1. How good she is on the stage just like her aunties! hahahaha

  2. Awwww!!...she so cute!!My sweetie niece so lovely!!

  3. You made me miss my lil niece and my cheeky nephews too.


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