Tea Ceremony

This is what they use to boil the water (look cute, isn't it?)

This is even cuter + tasty
1st cup

2nd cup

Stick and paper, tools for eating the above cake lolz...

She's making tea

Bow before taking the cake
Bow when offering the tea

Ready to drink?


Asking for another cup hehe...

Everybody who joins

Get ready to arrange the flower

Cut it so that it would be in length we needed


Tada! DONE!
Me and nice nice ladies

In front of JICA

PS: Thanks to Ricky for bringing me there, introduce me to all the nice ladies, learn new culture, and so much more. In short, Thanks ne!


  1. all nice!
    great to learn n know about!!

  2. It really impress me, I must say. The cake is just so attractive (pink and sweet ^_^)

    So you could make a tea ceremony for me ne?

  3. oh such a cute cake that i wouldn't dare to eat :p

    anyway u look so cute dear! miss u


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