2 Weeks @ Home

It was a short holiday and I didn't do much of a thing but I did enjoy every moment I spent there. Now share picture.

Breakfast @ Fresco

Elen & Touch

Me & W

Trip to Sg

Taken by Bee


& Kiddo...

The background was displyed for Chinese New Year but I wasn't there on that day phorng...

V Day!

Me & W

Kompong Som

Random Style

Me & Touch

@ W Apartmenet

Me, Pheak, & Smey

Lunch with RULE Friends



Mum & Dad

Bee's funny!

Dad & Aunty

Lunch with Ladies from JP

Ladies ONLY

TOUCH's Departure



Friends & Family

Dinner @ Lucky Burger


Nak Bang


Lunch @ Rum Chorng

Nak Bang & Lok Bang

MUM & Bang Phoung

Bang Né & Grandma

Me & W

@ Bang TO's Farm

Me & W

Don't you think the picture look just like her? I drew it ^_^

Me & Nak Bang

@ Sis House

Me & MUM

Departure Day

Gotta eat before going

My family (except bang tourt hehehe...)


PS: I wanna go HOME!!!


Ms. K said…
wow so happy u were! hehe i know the feeling. anyway keep strong dear *hug* at least u have me in the same situation as urs hehehhe...
Vandy said…
everyone in oversea komsot douch ter knea te..at least,you are not the one but others as well!!
$V3TL3N@ said…
there ar a lot of pic!!
kekeke...miss u much much!
back on May again?lolzz
Phossdey said…
Count me in, I wanna go home too. hahahahah

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