2 Weeks @ Home

It was a short holiday and I didn't do much of a thing but I did enjoy every moment I spent there. Now share picture.

Breakfast @ Fresco

Elen & Touch

Me & W

Trip to Sg

Taken by Bee


& Kiddo...

The background was displyed for Chinese New Year but I wasn't there on that day phorng...

V Day!

Me & W

Kompong Som

Random Style

Me & Touch

@ W Apartmenet

Me, Pheak, & Smey

Lunch with RULE Friends



Mum & Dad

Bee's funny!

Dad & Aunty

Lunch with Ladies from JP

Ladies ONLY

TOUCH's Departure



Friends & Family

Dinner @ Lucky Burger


Nak Bang


Lunch @ Rum Chorng

Nak Bang & Lok Bang

MUM & Bang Phoung

Bang Né & Grandma

Me & W

@ Bang TO's Farm

Me & W

Don't you think the picture look just like her? I drew it ^_^

Me & Nak Bang

@ Sis House

Me & MUM

Departure Day

Gotta eat before going

My family (except bang tourt hehehe...)


PS: I wanna go HOME!!!


Random Blogger said…
wow so happy u were! hehe i know the feeling. anyway keep strong dear *hug* at least u have me in the same situation as urs hehehhe...
Vandy said…
everyone in oversea komsot douch ter knea te..at least,you are not the one but others as well!!
Svetlena said…
there ar a lot of pic!!
kekeke...miss u much much!
back on May again?lolzz
Phossdey said…
Count me in, I wanna go home too. hahahahah