It surprised me even more when I walked to school. Everywhere was white and there were cars stopped along the way for some reason I don't know. And it was kinda slippery also. Quite dangerous; still, snow is beautiful. Pictures below are taken by Bang Panhha but Bang Samrach's DC. Thanks god that made me meet them along the way to school or else no picture to post here lolz....
Smile too big

Try to be cute but blur

Naturally... but what the hell was that V for?

I love this one the most ^_^
FYI, we born on same date.
Triple with my twin hehehe...


  1. cool triple!!! eh, your V should be III. it is triple ne!!! J/K. kokoko. be happy and keep smiling ne!! with Care Ricky

  2. nice pic na sis!!love all!i wish i could play snow wit u

  3. hey that would be more fun if u could stay more longer yest..hehhe

  4. Now I know where I am heading to for the next year summer break. Nagoya! lolzzz

  5. And I wish I were there with you two. hirk hirk :(

  6. enjoy it while you can. it's already too much for me to take; just long for warmer days now.


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