Book I'm reading

I just promise myself to get back to textbook, journal, or whatever related to my thesis and courses after finishing this book. I hate the story. Things are just so mess up. Power and ambition overwhelmed true love. I was angry and all but you know, I appreciate the writer. She moves me everywhere her story goes.

There are movie made of it, anyway. See trailor below:

Finally, I have to finish this book tonight so I can watch the Movie hehehe...


Phossdey said…
Let's me know the ending!
Sambo Samphors said…
Not a happy one but I guess it's more like a history. Elizabeth, Anne's daughter, is the best queen england ever had.

movie is diff from book. but they, Anne and Goerge, both still die.

Well, read the book lah.. it's very interesting hehe..