Too tired

I don't wanna be a normal person. I don't wanna be crazy. But I just don't wanna be one who do what people expect me to do. Why do I have this role? Why do I have to care what you said about me? Why do I bother using my brain thinking of this? Lots of thought in my mind. Lots and lots that it occurs at different time. So you see? Don't say that I lie when I said about one thing differently at different time. I just don't have the same code noted in my brain. It is a mess.

Now I'm tired of doing this. But later I might enjoy it. I can't tell why. I don't have the answer and I'm not seeking for one. Too tired and wanna rest after vacation.


  1. pls have fun and joy and good health! pls do what you think you enjoy in doing it, and do it with love. relax na. Ricky

  2. Good luck with it, sis. I wish I were there to give you more chocolate. ;)

  3. Haven't visited your blog for so long...You still run around the same way and are quite cute this way...heheh quite fun to read it though...Enjoy life..Happy new year too.


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