Nagoya - Brisbane - Phnom Penh - Nagoya

Nagoya - Brisbane - Nagoya
Nagoya - Phnom Penh - Nagoya

Why so many Nagoya? If this is not for the allowance, I wouldn't have to waste time and tick. going back and forth like this. Hate traveling alone. Hum... just gotta live with it till another year gone. Can't wait!


CheaPhal said…
So you are coming home again. Must be missing someone heuy. hehe
Sophak said…
haha sis, this is a disadvantage of having a scholarship na! How about transferring the right to me? lolz
Happy Always said…
so what is your wareabout is like ? date ?
Sambo Samphors said…
Bang Moch: happy to give it all including my paper which is nowhere now haha... good?

Nak: that will have to inform later cos it's holiday in PP, isn't it?