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I've been away for a few days and here I am, back to my sis' place with a hip of info to catch up with. Just in case that anyone thought that I was talking about the study things, I'm telling you, this is something big and a lot more important (lolz). Alright, let's start with this great news I'm so overwhelmed with.

November 3, 2008 at 1:11PM, a baby girl was born. Not only the day, Monday, but also her nose, her lips, her face shape, her skin, her finger, ... are just like her dad's. Happier than any other time, the daddy could always cry whenever he looks at his daughter. "She's an angel", he said; " and I want to name her 'Vichetr Norrakneat', so that everybody would know that she's my kid", he reasoned.
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I know that this is late but... Well, Happy Belated Birthday Bro!!! This year sure is the best year that ever happen to you though I wasn't there hehe...

Happy Return to you!!!
With LOVE,

Last but not least, this is just another good news I've heard of. I'm going to have another niece/nephew in another 9months. Yay Yay Yay!!! Congrats Cousin!!!
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  1. YEah!! Cutie baby girl!! I have another Niece!!Yeppy!!

    And Happy Birthday Bro ^^ One more thing, why the cake hv so many candles??lol...

  2. Well, That's cute...wish u have one soon...he..he..:)


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