Great Minds Think Alike

I am not trying to advertise here. I just found this beauty a beauty lolz...

Bicycle in lacquered stainless steel. Frame, handles and saddle in Taurillon Clemence leather. Kickstand, front and back lighting, carrier with bungy cord, mud flap and spoke protector. Size 50, fits most. 74.67"L x 22"W


  1. Yeh, expensive kuor som.

    When I earn 4k/h, I will be the one to buy this beauty hahaha...

    Icebreaker, it's from Nothing is mine lolz...

    Bang phal, with an additional 430bucks for an umbrella, you will get a roof and a ride just like a car lolz...

  2. Oh yeah, that makes sense now that 4k/h earner would buy it ... besides it is Hermes!


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