To all the flower receiver

Valentine was four days ago. So long gone, yet, not my roses. Thanks to my dear twin for the useful tips on how to keep flower stay longer. Or else, they wouldn’t look as fresh as they are now.

Here are the tips:
  • Change the water in the vase every 2 days (It is to avoid the bad smell as well as to let the flower absorb the clean water)
  • Clean the end of every single flower (So the dirt won’t stay to make the water turn muddy)
  • Chop off an inch or two at the end of each flower (This will create hole for flower to absorb the water better)
  • Remove any dead flower leaves (That would reveal the fresh look of the inside of flower)
Doing this will create a sense of love/romance to the flower as well as to the giver hehehe… You know what I mean ;) Also, it helps distracting the mind from the busy day to a relaxing one. Believe me, there’ll be a smile on your face and you’ll be so proud of yourself.


  1. aya ... it looks like my suggesting is working so well. Glad to hear you are fond of it. ^_^ The flower really looks nice, indeed!

  2. Cham chnam na ban flowers pi marry, cham bong try this tips na oun. Thanks hahaha


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