Few nights ago, I went to visit my mum. During that, I was caught up with a movie. It played halfway and so I couldn’t get the title. I was attracted by a phrase that says, “When the romance is gone, it’s time to move on”. It makes a little sense to me and I started to enjoy the movie. Bit by bit, I like the character. She is fun and exciting. She knows what she wants and she does what she thinks is right. She follows her rule and always be happy. Well, not until she found him. I’m not saying he’s a jinx lolz… He just somehow brought a new definition to the term “Relationships”. It had once meant splitting the bills, having someone to fight with, bearing obligations, being unhappy and wondering how did it all start. Now, it’s … I don’t remember the movie telling anything at all about relationship. Anyway, she stepped out of her comfort zone, exposed her heart to the world, and did what she would never have done without having to know that she’s going to lose him. It’s all done just because she was in love. How romantic is that? It doesn’t sound that romantic but look, the ending is touching: Looking out of the window, seeing the man you love sings a song from his heart, and ask you to be his valentine at a time you never thought he would have come. Idiotic and stupid, but believe me, that’s what romance is haha…

So, anybody knows what the title of this movie is? I am looking for the Five Dates Rule of hers lolz…


  1. I know that movie. What would you give me, if I tell? And I can exactly tell you her 5 rules for date... ;) Interested eh?


  2. Sis, that was only what she said at the beginning. I guess my writing is quite confusing here.

    Pork ah... I'm very much interested in knowing the rule but not the payment haha... free ov, knea eng ta ;)

  3. Lolzzz... free kor free :D That movie is 'I hate Valentine's Day,' sweetie! :)

  4. Oh, I know that movie. I did not know it's already up on the TV! I thought it was coming to the cinema. hahahahaha

  5. Love the title even more hahaha... and where's the rule, babe?

    Sis, tors tov buy DVD and watch again haha...

  6. Yeah, i think 'll do it tmr. kekekeke


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