Late night out

It's a holiday that I didn't have a chance to celebrate. I've been home and really home, if you know what I mean. Anyway, mum's gone to KPS. Taking this opportunity, I sneaked into a bar. Saint Tropez, that's where it at. Let's go through pictures ;)

Me and Nak Bang

Tequila for two
My first time trying and it's burning hot
I finished two glasses of water after the shot lolz

Me and Nak
I look rather sick but I'm not. Simply, a whole day sleeping does popping my eyeslid lolz...

Nak bang and Lok bang

Sounds like I'm such a bad kid eh? Come on, I'm still outting with sister lolz... It's more like a family ta gegegege....


  1. I used to have the tequila shots with Sothy at his home when he was here last time. Cant compete with him ;)

  2. Lok Bang and Nak Bang tver doch kon kmeng ... style nong bos Bobee te. lolz Well, your eyes are super pong ... hahahaha


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