All the ladies in her house

Tired and sick, nothing heals better than being with family. And so I did.

Zee was smiling to her mum

Such a chubby chubby cheekie

"MUM, couldn't you just sit down a bit? I'm having a hard time looking up", said zee. gegege


Zee is our rising star in the family at this very moment. All the time whoever enter my sister house, Zee would be the first person everyone is looking for. No surprise, I'm one of them. So, I got more shots of her than of the rest ;)

Four Generations
Great Granny, Granny, Mama and zee

Zee and great granny (Mak tuort)

Zee and granny (Mak Yay)

Oops! Not to forget, my very first niece, Bee

Bee and her second cousin (Pair)


  1. moha cuteeeeeeee Zee Zee ... love them all and miss them all too

  2. Zee is getting cuter n cuter n cuter xD xD


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