Blue Lobster Party

We got bored at times. So this is just a gathering where we meet, eat and of course drink...

Since I'm blogging from my office, I'm going to just throw a heap of photos here lolz...

A mess lol
Bros and Sis
My srey sa art taing pi :)
Mum and Bang Ne
Om Nuch and Bee
Nak Bang and Bang Phoung
Brothers & Bang Tourt
Our guys and Mum
Since I was the good kid, I received one of the big lobster keke...
Nak Bom Rer Teok Kork keke... Kimnay
Cousins, Tipo and Chio
Nak & ME~*
Zee and Mak Mom ^_^
Zee and her Mama
Ladies again
My Ladies


  1. Who is the new guy?

    You're bloody sweating, sis.

    Big kiss to Zee and Bee.

    Bee's picture is blur.

    Good to see everyone!!!!!!!

  2. Nak's attachment (lolz), Clayton from Singapore. Doing his 3months training in Cambodia.

    It was bloody hot and that's how I got those sweat.

    I'll do it for you.

    You know bee. Buzz all the time lolz...

  3. what does it mean being someone's attachment?

    Oh yeah, srey Bee!

  4. oh.. what a fun.. anyways ur blog ey lov pi bak read nas..


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