Woken up by mum with rather loud noise, I and Bee got up with no delay. (Yay, DomDey is coming home.

So, we arrived PP Airport about 8.15AM. The plan was not yet landed. We waited. Bee kept checking the status. Flight from BKK arrived. Flight from S.W arrived. Then Flight from SG arrived. We ran to the exit door. We waited again. We waited still. We wai... here they come, DomDey ^_^

We headed for breakfast at Thmor Da (flo wants Num Paing Sach). We spent sometimes there. Bang Ne joined us too. So, we had a ride home with him.

Today we had crab sent from Keo Phos. Very huge and yum yum...

Look! Bang Ne is holding one of them.

Bee is holding one too

Even Dom also got hold of one

Well, ME~* too ^_^

We spent sometimes playing with the Crab before eating them hehe...


Everybody was busy digging in and paid no attention to the Cam at all lolz...

Last but not least, Elen came with a belated birthday gift ^_^Thank you, Elen oun!!!

Another last but not least, here is our little princess of the year and her mum and aunty.


  1. It's Sunday, sis! I knew you were waiting ... as I was anxious to see everyone. ^_^

  2. By the way, that's such a cool building picture you've got here.


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