Weekend @ KPS

Initially, mum wanted to bring grandma out for some relaxation since she's been not happy being in the house for too long. She then asked if we wanted to join; yes, we sure wanted to. So, off we went.

Day I

Ladies talk

Bee stretched out before the race

Bee & Pou Nak
Competitors with no winner or loser

The 3 generations @ Ream

After a rest, we went for our hotel and another beach

Nak bang and her BeeZee at the playground
Zee was too active, I couldn't get hold of her face lolz...

Kids couldn't wait to jump into the sea

Mama is more excited than Zee

Nak bang and her two beautiful daughters (Pink and Purple!!!)

Zee and Mama

Nak played it cool while I was sort of nothing

I guess I was too hungry... or maybe not.
Anyway, we ran for our dinner right after that

Dinner at Golden Sand (Chhné Meas) where DomDey held their wedd ^_^

Nak & ME~*

End of Day I

Day II

After breakfast, we went to chill at our usual beach
can't think of the name now (Shame!)

Bee & Mak Mom

Jas Jas gagaga

Hot dog and Milk

Chill by the beach

Nak & ME~*

Kids (Uncles and Niece)

Chill by the beach

After the chill out by the beach, we moved to have lunch at Dom's Parents Place, the ship sailing on the sand ^_^

Bee enjoyed the place pretty much. Just look at her wide grin!

Eating Crab
Bang Ka helped us out. Thanks to her :) It was really yum!!! We ate for you too, sissy!

Nak in front of the ship
This is shot is taken for you, sis!

Nak Bang & Zee

Then we stopped for a little rest somewhere along the way


Ladies again

Ladies except one

Mum & Nak

Bee with her style saying Goodbye for the day ^_^


  1. Yeah, tuk ouy Zee for me ... the pink girl. Cute nas ...! But I also love Bee with that big grind. Thanks all the photos. They are lovely and good to see everyone. I didn't know that Bang Thy's husband also went. Good for them eh. Oh well, hope I can hit the place soon.


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