Getting down to the dinning room, I found no one. Not even mum; let’s disregard the present of Dad. He’s too early for me to catch up with. And so I slurped up a glass of orange juice in no time. Wondering where mum could have gone to, I put the glass down and found my way out. Before I reached for the car key, envelop on the counter reminded me I had forgotten to bring down the bank bill. I ran up, down, back and forth with sweat, my morning sweat. Finally, I am ready to go.

Enjoying the morning fresh air, I saw nothing but the blue sky held high up above my head. I breathed in the fresh air. Well, there aren’t many cars driving pass my house. I assume it’s fresh enough to call a fresh one then. Pulling myself with one step up into the car, finding the seatbelt, I noticed Granny was on the swing where she normally spends her time at. I gazed and exclaimed, “Mak Yay!” I wasn’t aware she was there when I walked out. I did not hear her call when I walked to the car. Such an ignorance [sigh]

Saying goodbye to grandma, I started the engine. Ready to roll and I rolled out slowly… Bang!!! The first thought that came to my mind was, was there a trunk out there? We never have anything at that corner. But as I looked again, I just hit it and again, the ignorance of the surrounding ME~*


Phossdey said…
yab ... hahhaah but did you really hit? or just minor touch? Good luck with tmr, sissy! love you xxx
Svetlena said…
so at the end what is dat bang!? O.o