Bed Choice

I visited many many shops just to find my one likeable bed. Bang Phea and Nak Bang are pretty tired by just walking and looking at all the available beds in all the shops we visited. I couldn't decide. It's this feeling that keeps telling me to keep searching. So I did. I keep on looking until yesterday. Mum really wants everything to be done now and now means today(which was yesterday).

I left the house to find that one bed. Nak rang a friend just to seek more shops so I could have a look at. He gave us direction and we followed. We entered one shop and we were kinda both liking. Yet, the voice inside me told me to keep going. We'll get back if we can't find anything better.

We moved to the last shop and there! We found the bed.

Everything is installed while I'm at work. I rang mum to tell that I'll be home for lunch. And here's what I got:

"Sa-art Nas!" mum commented.

I can't wait to be home to see how nice is the room and everything else inside :)


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