Out of Control

It was a freaking busy day yesterday. And it blocked my mind about being nice and gentle when I, for the first time, had a glimpse of my wedding invitation. My rage was out and about. It was thrown to just anyone and anybody ever came close; let alone, forget what they had to reason to me. I was NOT to listen at that very moment. I only had to scream!

Think back and I couldn't understand WHY but it DID. I hate having to accept the mistake that I've tried to remind ones every now and then not to make; yet, came back to what I had already tried to prevent.

Nothing else could be done beside stop giving myself the expectation. It does no good but a rage that I could not forgive myself for.


  1. I said sth stupid when my wedding's invitation came out. So it's okay, sis. We women just want our special day means really special. ;)


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