My May 3rd

First day back at work and I was busy as hell. I was rung and called at all times. Even when I was out to lunch. Anyhow, I managed to get a few minutes off to get myself a cup of Mocha Frappe.It chilled me out and boosted me up for further meeting and discussion. How my 8hours were wisely spent!

I left the office at around 6pm with a hope that maybe I'd be able to relax but I received a text said to meet to discuss on the invitation. I rushed home knowing it ain't his cup of tea to wait. It turned out he ditched me for ANOTHER urgent meeting. No complaint here. I'm just stating a FACT!

So, I had dinner with mum. She's kinda tired and so she went to bed early leaving me all alone dealing with my own time at my own pace. I started moving my belongings from my current room to my new room. Such a hard work! and it hurts my back. How old I am feeling now :(

So, gotta rest for some beauty ;)


  1. oh yeah, and it still looks like there are many thing still.


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