Question # 2

I left the office late again. It's been another busy and tiring day. I rang my sister just to make sure she's home when I visit her. She was getting herself ready for a wedding. I was not in the mood to hear my niece scream and drag me here and there. I headed for a face massage. Right after, I headed home. I arrived and the house was quiet. I asked Bang Thy where mummy is and she said, mummy's gone to a wedding. I told her to prepare me dinner. I went up and came back down when Ah Khon came to tell me that dinner is ready. I walked slowly just to kill the time. I was hoping that maybe mummy would arrive early. Still no sound of opening door. Grandma called and asked for my fiance. I was kinda stuck, I don't know where he was, is, could/would be.

The question is: Should I or should I not question when I was not told?


  1. Tough question. Would it be nice to be informed but don't wanna be a question woman, too.

  2. The hard part is the question keeps ringing in the ears.


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