W&S Wedding

A brief of our W&S Wedding Reception

Before walking down the aisle


and Drink to survive the night lolz

Before throwing the bouquet and hit a man lolz...

Family and Friends
My Pretty Twin

Fun and Exciting Bang Peth

Naughty Friends

A combination

Loving Family


Everybody else (but not all)

Fun Fact
All women would dump their purse just to get to the dance floor :P

While the kid would dump their shoes just to make it easier for them to run

And we sisters finally share one status "SML"

We had Chhorng Sovannareach & Ouk Sokunkanha sang our story song that titled as "Sneth Pit Trov Rong Cham"
Thanks for sharing their love to us as a sister and brother

Korean Girl Band - A mixture of Classical and Pop Music
Dad's friend made this special offer to have them perform on our wedding and the guest loved it!

Photo taken by Rooster_Kool Photography

W&S is our trademark

W&S Crafted by Philip's Team

Again, all photos are provided by Rooster_Kool Photography

VVIP specially decorated for Bride and Groom and the family

This honeymoon room is offered by Naga World

Which we didn't get to spend the night there :(


  1. Chhorn without G, sis! That would make it like Ka Chhorng. hahaha

    Very glad I made it there ... and I wish the time went slower. Too many things to enjoy!


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