The Positive Side

I'm pretty much enjoying my life currently. The reason I mentioned a specific timing is because I am this moody type and I often moans about all my hatred to anything I might find unpleasant at any minute right after I said I'm happy. It's just women! Well, I just make this stupid little assumption so I wouldn't be the weirdest one. Yah! Not every women are this way.

Every morning, I often am awaken by "Morning honey!" follow by "A morning kiss" and when I could properly open my eyes, he said "I love you!" then ends with a smile.

I always thought it's so fake but I guess fake isn't so bad when I'm the one who's receiving it. Let's enjoy it while it lasts! Don't you agree?


  1. Don't remember I got such treatment! Jealous!

  2. Yes, be! That makes me feel even luckier lolz... You don't know what you got until you sit and think about it ;)

  3. No No No still doesn't change my mind. >_<


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